Java Servlets

Servlet technology is used to create web application (stays at server side and generates a dynamic web page).

Servlet technology is robust and scalable because of java language. Before Servlet, CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting language was common as a server-side programming language. However, there were many disadvantages to this technology. We have discussed these disadvantages below.

There are many interfaces and classes in the Servlet API such as Servlet, GenericServlet, HttpServlet, ServletRequest, ServletResponse, etc.

Software Required:

  1. Java JDK. (Version 7 or Above)
  2. Tomcat Apache Server (7.0 is preferred).

Check the below video for setup of

Java Servlet Execution and Enviromnet Setup for Windows Base OS.

Above video is demonstrated for the purpose of learning and education of B.C.A. and BSC.IT. Students of Saurashtra University.